Liverpool vs Plymouth Argyle 8 January 2017 Youngest ever LFC side with 21.8 average age

08/01/2017 62

Liverpool vs Plymouth Argyle 2017 (LFC-PAFC BELOW)

Anfield, Liverpool- 8 January, 2017- FA Cup

Jurgen Klopp fields the youngest ever LFC side (just 21.8- 21 years 296 days, the youngest in the club’s history) but they are held by Plymouth in their FA Cup tie

External Link- 9:02 duration, English commentary,

External Link- 9:41 duration, English commentary, source

Liverpool vs Plymouth 0-0

LFC v Plymouth FA Cup 2017 attendance:- 52,692

LFC starting lineup vs PAFC FA Cup 2017:- Karius, Alberto Moreno, Gomez, Arnold, Ejaria, Lucas Leiva, Can, Ojo, Stewart, Origi, Woodburn

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