Preston North End vs Arsenal 2017 Goals 1-2 Ramsey Giroud 22185 Attendance

08/01/2017 60

Preston North End vs Arsenal 2017 (PNE-Arsenal BELOW)

Final score and result:- Preston vs Arsenal 1-2 (Robinson/Ramsey, Giroud)

Deepdale, Preston- 7 January, 2017- FA Cup

Second half goals from Olivier Giroud and Aaron Ramsey help Arsenal come from behind to edge PNE in this Cup clash

External Link- 7:18 duration, English commentary,

External Link- 3:29 duration, English commentary,

PNE v Arsenal 1-0 (Robinson goal vs Preston 7′)
Preston Arsenal 1-1 (Ramsey goal vs PNE 46′)
Preston vs Arsenal 1-2 (Giroud goal vs PNE 88′)

Preston vs Arsenal 2017 FA Cup attendance:- 22,185 (Referee- Madley)

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