Video Napoli vs Sampdoria 2017 Highlights 1-2 Hysaj OG Gabbiadini Tonelli Goals Silvestre Red Card

08/01/2017 73

Napoli vs Sampdoria 2017 (Napoli-Samp VIDEO BELOW)

Final score and result:- Napoli vs Sampdoria 1-2 (Gabbiadini, Tonelli/Hysaj OG)

Stadio San Paolo, Naples- 7 January, 2017

Matias Silvestre’s red card on the hour mark costs Sampdoria as Napoli come from behind to register a 2-1 win

4:00 duration, English commentary, Video embed source

Condensed hls, 5:23 duration, Italian commentary, Video embed source

Napoli-Sampdoria 0-1 (Hysaj own goal vs Sampdoria 30′)
Napoli-Sampdoria 0-1 (Silvestre red card v Napoli 61′)
Napoli vs Samp 1-1 (Gabbiadini goal vs Sampdoria 77′)
Napoli vs Sampdoria 2-1 (Tonelli goal vs Sampdoria 90′)

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